As a couple, Kane and Skye are pretty near perfect.  They’re young, ambitious, brave, and stuck together on a beat-up old spaceship hurtling across the vast reaches of intergalactic space.

The only problem is Kane comes from Drop Nine, a desolate little asteroid in the middle of nowhere, where life is nasty, brutish and short.  Where men are men and women are…well, men have been cloning copies of themselves for a couple of hundred years, so no one actually remembers what women even look like.

Skye is an ace fighter pilot from a technologically and intellectually superior civilization on the other side of the solar system.  A civilization of women who consider the few men camped out on asteroids like Drop Nine to be the scum of the universe.

But despite their different backgrounds, Kane and Skye quickly become reluctant allies in a desperate and foolhardy attempt to save what remains of humanity from certain destruction.  And while they’re saving humanity, they do the one thing people on opposite sides of a centuries-old war in outer space should never do.

They fall in love.

Romance,  adventure and the battle of the sexes with lots of attitude.

The past and future history of the human race as it’s never been told before…