An Artificial Intelligence – 360 Immersive Interactive Journey


The complexity of relationships and personalities in mind-boggling.

What makes each of us a unique personality?

For the human mind to figure out the complex intersection of various systems – modern to ancient – from cutting edge psychiatric evaluation to old beliefs and superstitions from various cultures – western, eastern – such as astrology, palmistry, handwriting recognition (some uncanny in their accuracy) to an analysis of your social media stamp, your background, and then marry it with and input from the general social media universe, culture, media, literature, movies, TV, politics, the world at large and the wast sea of knowledge out there…  would be nearly impossible.

And is it possible to customize a hypothetical compatible mate for each person instantly, on the spot?

And we wonder what our an ideal partner might be – our soulmate – the way in some systems, like astrology, certain signs are compatible or not. Could we learn more about ourselves and could it help us choose the right partner, one who can make life more fulfilling and enjoyable, but also challenge us in the right way, so we can grow, learn and gain a deeper understanding? Or can we use the experience to improve existing relationships or gain more self-awareness or self-realization through this?


The goal is to create an intimate, emotional, entertainment experience, based on input from you, the world and universe at large and put you, the viewer, into a curated experience – a classic/archetypal movie type love story – where you get to be a character in your own movie, created just for you.

This is where Artificial Intelligence and the ability to process this vast and almost endless sea of information, systems, beliefs can be utilized and could perhaps uncover some amazing truths about each of us and who our ideal soul-mate might be.

The experience, and the script we anticipate it can create,  could also include the fact that some of these systems can BE PREDICTIVE OF THE FUTURE – like your daily horoscope, giving us clues how the day might go, and how this new “relationship” with this person you are about meet could be affected.

You might find that your experience will vary from day to day depending on your in the moment cosmic configuraton – so it may require repeat visits to figure out the patterns and how you behave toward your soulmate, and how they behave towards you.


Artificial Intelligence might be able to utilize Astrology, Western and Eastern systems, require you to throw the I-Ching, perform a Tarot-card reading with you, and perhaps sprinkle a bit of Chaos Theory into the mix. It could incorporate the news, the weather, the mood of the day to color the experience. It indeed will be a “cosmic experience,” in real time, using the current astrological configuration precisely to the location of the venue and what is going all around, as science is now discovering – we are all energies and interconnected with all that is around.

You get to choose how your “avatar-date” will look like and be dressed, based on input from Watson – age, sex, gender, racial back-ground, body type.

Then you will be subjected to an experience with you “date”:

In structure it would be a curated, story structure, composed of dialogue scenes/conversations between you (the viewer) and the actor-avatar, in various pre-designed scenarios.


The venue is a 360 multi-screen dome composed of between 8 t0 12 hi-def digital projectors and dolby localized sound. There will also be cameras and microphones to capture the viewer interacting with the “Experience.” Watson will edit the output – sometimes a collage of shots, views, sometimes a 360 – view all around (“cinema 360’). It will listen to you and create dialogue that your date will speak to you.

It can be a communal experience, as others can be in the dome with you and “ride along” (isn’t that what cinema is, anyway?).  It can also be a VR head-set experience for private home-use.


We will shot stylized, minimalist-style sequences featuring archetypical scenarios with real actors on real locations, sets and green-screen stages. The actors will also be scanned so they can “lip-synch” dialogue enabling them to talk to you and have a conversation. The scenarios will be shot in a POV style as if you were looking at your date-partner and they “look back at you”. We hope to cast several dozen male and female actors, who are attractive (we all hope out dream mate to have movie-star qualities, right?), who are able to portray a “blank canvas” of emotions, as the AI computer creates dialogue and emotion in vocal delivery.

We will storyboard the sequences and shoot specific angles that can be edited in multiple ways, creating a designed, tasteful experience – like billboard/perfume commercials. The multi-screen presentation allows for a collage effect where the scene can be shown cinematographically from various point of views, some subliminal and poetic, without having to show the lips of the actors all the time – to make it easier to make the experience-dialogue feel real-time and realistic. At times we will be placed in a 360 setting, where all the screens combine a all-around hyper-realistic view, as if we are literally there (cinema 360, captured with the highest definition VR camera rigs).

Visually it would be a collage that the computer – creates and edits in real time (picture, dialogue, music) – in a minimalist, distilled, elegantly designed style, as if we were in an Antonioni movie, or Andrei Tarkowski directed it, or Doug Aiken constructed as a multi-screen video installation in an art gallery. There will be collections of shots as well as closeups of the actor talking in real time (lips moving) – using pre-scanned elements of the actors composited, into the 360 collage.


The story-structure is based on the classic archetypal “human-story” structure based on input ranging from greek plays, literature, movies (specifically love stories and romantic comedies), TV shows, pop songs, magazines, commercials, and all the other input from all around the world.

An archetypal structure (a 7-12 minute suggested time frame), consisting of several (classic type scenes) scenes averaging approximately 60-120 seconds each:

1. First meeting

2. Breaking the ice, overcoming fear

3. First Meal

4. Fun and Play and Adventure

5. Seduction, Intimacy, Tenderness (romance, if you wish)

6. Moment of conflict, danger

7. Rejection, Break up

8. Pain of Separation, Loss, Longing, Catharsis

9. Make-up

10. An enlightening-spiritual moment

11. Understanding, Compassion, Acceptance of Differences

12. Self-Awakening


You get to input the information:

Your web/social media profile.
Your time and place of birth (confidential).
You throw the I-Ching and perform a tarot-card session.
You answer a set of questions – such as  “what are your goals, dreams, hopes, desires”, as well as some questions about your background, childhood, etc.
You choose your date – will it be a girl next door, or a “super-hot dude”? How will she/he be dressed, their fashion style…?
You get to chose where you go – should you meet on the dance floor in a club, or in the elevator, will you be in a beach in Fuji, hiking up Mount Everest, in a busy Time Square, a market in Kabul, or at the Taj Mahal, at a fast food joint, or a cafe in Paris….

Sorry, your “choices” will be adjusted by the “wisdom” of the AI computer… so may not get exactly what you expected.

Thats part of the “fun” of the experience.


Ray Bradbury envisioned the immersive “Parlor” in Fahrenheit 451 as dystopian – one that could make us loose our humanity and take us away from reality. On the other hand, Aristotle stated “Self knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom”. Artificial Intelligence could be a double edged sword. I hope it can help us more that harm us.